Many ultraviolet (UV) light sanitizing devices are selling out. We found where they’re in stock and consulted germ-expert MDs on how to shop for them.

we’ve put together a collection of the best UV Light Sanitizers that are currently available on the market. To help you find the perfect UV Light Sanitizer among a wide variety of options, we constantly update our collection with new and trending models.

10 Best UV Light Sanitizers

Based on dozens of customer reviews and ratings, the followings are the top 10 best-selling UV Light Sanitizers:

Top Rated UV Light Sanitizer Reviews

Since we’ve mentioned 10 different models of UV Light Sanitizers on the above list, it may be difficult for you to find the right one for your needs. This is why we listed the key features of each of these UV Light Sanitizers below:


Whole Room UV Light Sanitizer - USA 100W Professional Grade UV-C Lamp for Commercial & Home Use - With Remote, Timer, & 10,000hr Bulb - EPA Registered, Lab Certified 99.9% Germ Kill in 15 Mins
Product Highlights:

  • ⚡【The Choice of Professionals】The Tool Klean Anti-Microbial UVC Light Stainless Steel Tabletop Room Sanitizer is trusted by homeowners, facility managers, business owners, teachers, and other professionals to purify the air and surfaces in rooms and indoor spaces such as dining rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. It uses ultraviolet type C light with a 253.7nm wavelength, scientifically proven to kill bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus. No heat is used.
  • ⚡【Protect Yourself and Others】The UV-C table top lamp uses only light. It does NOT emit ozone, which is important because ozone is harmful to humans and must be thoroughly removed from a room before people can enter. The germicidal lamp kills pathogens in the air and on any surfaces the light touches. Our lamp has been laboratory certified to kill 99.9% of the most difficult-to-kill bacteria (staph and salmonella) within 15 minutes. 254 wavelength UVC light is also known to inactivate viruses.
  • ⚡【Sanitizing Indoor Spaces Should be Easy】Set up the lamp on a floor or table or hang it using the heavy duty ring for hooking or hanging, then plug it in. Use the remote control to start, stop, or pause the lamp. The delay feature allows exiting the area before the light turns on. In 15 minutes (30 if treating for mold) the space will be sanitized. No sprays, no liquids, no chemicals, no mess. WARNING: Humans and pets MUST NOT be in the room while the lamp is lit!
  • ⚡【When Trust Matters】You can’t afford to get it wrong when it comes to the health of those you care about. That’s why the US government has strict regulations. Companies producing UV sanitizing equipment must be registered with the EPA and approved by the FCC. Tool Klean, Inc’s EPA establishment # is 94836-NY-1. See our product description below to learn how to spot counterfeit/uncertified/unregistered/unsafe products or products making misleading claims.
  • ⚡【Buy with Confidence】Order now to begin easily and effectively sanitizing rooms and large indoor spaces! You’ll receive one USA produced UVC light stainless steel tabletop room sanitizer with delay timer and a strong 100W tempered quartz glass 10,000hr bulb, and one convenient remote control. You’ll also have the peace of mind that your purchase is protected by Tool Klean, Inc.’s 1-year manufacturer warranty. Any issues or concerns, our USA based team is here to help!

Philips UV Light Sanitizer Box | Disinfect Everyday Items, Baby Products, Tablets in Minutes | Touch Control | Auto-Off Safety | ETL Listed & EPA Certified
Product Highlights:

  • EFFECTIVE: Testing shows Philips UV C lights can effectively inactivate spores, in a matter of minutes (Footnote 1)
  • DECADES OF EXPERIENCE: Philips has over 35 years of experience in UV-C lighting for residential and commercial spaces. Decades of strong application expertise bring added peace of mind.
  • REFLECTIVE INTERIOR: The highly reflective interior allows UV-C light to disinfect items more effectively. The stainless-steel chamber ensures each object’s surface is reached, regardless of the way it is facing.
  • SIMPLE INTUITIVE DESIGN: To disinfect multiple items at once, simply load your items evenly into the box and select your working mode using the clear digital display.
  • ETL LISTED: This product is ETL listed ensuring testing and compliance with safety and sanitation industry standards. Edison Testing Labs signifies a product’s safety for the public.

Drive Auto UV Light Sanitizer Box - Mobile Ultraviolet Disinfection Bag Kills 99.9% of Germs & Bacteria on Mask, Phone, Keys, Money - Portable, USB Powered UVC Sterilizer Cabinet w/Handle
Product Highlights:

  • This uv-c light sanitizer bag is a convenient way to rid multiple everyday items from 99.9% of viral particles in one fell swoop. Preventative protection that can give us peace of mind
  • With a compact design (10.25” x 7” x 8”) and carry handle, this uv sterilizer bag is made for portable on-the-go use and is conveniently powered by a USB car adapter. *USB cable included
  • EPA Certified UV light sanitizer box – This uv phone sanitizer utilizes 12 sets of UVC wave beads, as well as a reflective mirror finish to ensure that the items within it are sanitized from all angles! (EPA Est No. 98598-CHN-1).
  • You don’t need to spend so much time sanitizing your belongings any more, because the entire uv sterilizer box process is quick and simple. Simply place your items within the closed bag and it will sanitize within 3 minutes
  • The uv light cabinet is compact while able to fit everyday items like cell phones, face masks, keys, wallets, watches and more! The uvc sanitizer bag also easily collapses, folding into a compact form that can stow away in most glove compartments.

Pur UV 55w 110v Powerful Ultraviolet Light Remote Timer Control Disinfection Living Room Bedroom Sanitizer UV Lamp kill 99.9% mold Bacteria Germs Dustmite and Virus Household Pet House Ozone Free
Product Highlights:

  • Suitable for disinfection of living room, bedroom, pet house, kitchen, bathroom, clinic. It is recommended to use it once or twice a week for effective sterilization.It can eliminates flu virus and prevents the spread of flu.
  • Powerful 55W work for 110v, IR Remote control ( battery included), 3 gears of time setting, 1 minute delay start. It can be moved to anywhere you want to kill virus. Very effective and safe. EPA Est. No.: 95955-CHN-1.
  • Technology: Bulbs are germicidal UVC and put out wavelength of 254 nm light. UV sterilization has been used for many years in sterilization of medical instruments and in water purification systems.  UV light can kill bacteria, viruses, germs, dust mite eggs, dust mites, molds, C. difficile etc by destroying their DNA.
  • Warranty: WHAT DOES THIS WARRANTY COVER? Any manufacturing defects or hardware component failures in your Pur UV lamp that is still within warranty along with any accessories you received (remote control etc.) FOR HOW LONG? 1 year from the date of purchase of your new Warranted Product. WHAT WILL WE DO? Repair, or if repair is not possible, replace your defective Warranted Product. Replacement part Bulb Service Life is 8000 hours and is replaceable.
  • Tips: UV lights have some stimulating effects on human eyes and skin. So when the UV lamp is working, people or pets can’t stay in the room where it is. Please feel free to contact us by email if there is any problem with our products and we will reply and give satisfied solution within 24 hours.

UV Light Sanitizer, UVC Disinfection Light Bulb 100W Germicidal Lamp E26/E27 Base for Home Room Hotel Travel Bathroom Office Restaurant Toilet Supermarket Bedroom
Product Highlights:

  • 【PROFESSIONAL UV LIGHT SANITIZER LAMP】EPA Est. No.98968-CHN-1. Advanced ultraviolet disinfection technology, the UV disinfection lamp has 7 high-intensity UVC Bulb, 99.99% sterilization rate, Ultra
  • 240-280NM COMPREHENSIVE THOROUGH STERILIZATION】 The light transmittance of microorganisms is 253.7nm, the UVC light wavelength range is 240-280nm, UVA (315-400nm) has the characteristics of killing
  • 【25M INFRARED REMOTE CONTROL AND TIMING FUNCTION】 25m/82ft ultra-long-distance infrared remote control, avoid ultraviolet radiation damage to skin and eyes, safe operation. 15 min / 30 min / 60 min timer function for 200sq.ft / 400sq.ft / 600sq.ft room disinfectant. And the germicidal lamp comes with bulb base,It can work at any regular E26 US socket, which makes uv bulb more flexible and portable.
  • 【WIDELY APPLICATION AND PURIFYING AIR】 Ultraviolet disinfection has a wide range of applications, such as hospitals, schools, nurseries, cinemas, buses, offices, homes,HVAC pipes etc., Kill mold, mites,
  • 【50,000H WORKING LIFE AND FREE RETURN / FULL REFUND】 The disinfection lamp adopts advanced UVC / UVA LED, 50,000H durable lighting life, and high quality aluminum, faster heat dissipation, longer life. which makes uv bulb more flexible and portable. and efficient service team provide 7*24H quality service, free return-full refund policy, any questions please feel free to contact me.

Dailytop UV Light Sanitizer, Air Freshener UV Lamp with Remote Control and Radar Monitor Sensor: Sterilize and Disinfect Every Room of Your Home for 15/30/60 Minutes 99.99% Sterilization Rate 110V 38W
Product Highlights:

  • RADAR SENCE DEVICE: This particular UV lamp has a built-in safeguard. It can actually detect the presence of a person in the room, and will shut off in the event of this happening. Keeping everyone safe.EPA Est NO. :97239-CHN-1
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY STERILIZATION: This UV disinfection lamp achieves 99.99% sterilization (kills 99.99% of germs) by targeting the DNA of microbes, damaging the DNA structure, and preventing their reproduction. It kills Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, and works on any surface, and in air or water that is infected by these germs. This device provides sterilization and air purification for spaces under 430 square feet.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN & SAFE USE – With intelligent radar sensors built-in, lamp will auto shut-off when sensing living beings. With 3 time modes — 15/30/60 minutes, it can be easily controlled by remote or the switch button on the lamp. A 30-second delay with beeping warning allows you to leave the area being disinfected. Using a UVC germicidal light with a 360° degree beam angle, it completely removes odors and dust particles, effectively improving your living environment.
  • IDEAL CHOICE WITH EXCELLENT SERVICE – With germicidal function, this UV-C light sanitizer is suitable for a variety of occasions and locations, and can be used at home, school, office, etc. Our product comes with a 30-day return policy and a 12-month free replacement policy for your worry-free customer experience. Please contact us with any questions, and we will respond within 24 hours.
  • ATTENTION – Ultraviolet lamp will be light on after 30s beeping warning. Avoid long-term direct exposure, the process requires people/animals and plants to wait outside during the UVC light working. After completion, allow at least 60 minutes before humans or animals enter the room.

UV Light Sanitizer Deodorizer for Odor Room Air Freshener Disinfection Light Germicidal lamp Ozone Sterilizer Lamp (Remote Control) 99.99% Sterilization Rate 38W 110 V
Product Highlights:

  • ✿Safe Function: ➤The UV sanitizer lamp with Volatile ozone can kill up to 99.9% of most viruses, airborne bacteria, and mold spores.Uses UVC sterilizer light, 360 ° degrees wide beam angle.Made of quartz material, long service life, high transmission rate, and better sterilization effect.
  • ✿Use safety:➤ It can be operated remotely through doors, walls, cabinets, etc. There is no limit on the angle, and you do not need to worry about being injured by ultraviolet radiation during operation. Use method 1: panel operation Use method 2: remote operation.
  • ✿Applicable places&Usage:➤ UV deodorizer air freshener for home,Eliminates germs and mold for all season,It can safely used in houes, as well as in hospitals, laboratories, malls, doctors offices, commercial buildings, food processing plants and other commercial and residential environments throughout the world – any big area place a concern for clean air exists.
  • ✿Very important:➤Exposing the Ultraviolet radiation for a long time will cause skin and eye burns, please pay attention to the Use instruction manual.People,pet animals and plants are Not Allowed to be present when the UV lamp lighting to work. Please leave away from the place of use immediately. To avoid damage to the skin and eyes, please DO NOT Stare at the ultraviolet light source.
  • ✿Improving the air quality is essential to our life.There are odors, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, pet dander and more around our air environment.By UV sanitizer and air purify to reduce airborne germs in the homes.Model:ST-XD-01 EPA Est:NO.97237-CHN-1

Air Health SKYE Portable 5 Stage Air Purifier | UV Light Sanitizer | PRO-Cell Technology | H13 HEPA Filter | Pre-Filter | Carbon Filter | Smart Sensors | Auto Mode | Skye Mobile App
Product Highlights:

  • AIR FLOW: Impressive 420 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) covering 1200 sq feet
  • ADVANCED FILTRATION: Pre-filter (Large Particles), Carbon (Odors), H13 HEPA (Micro Particles)
  • REDUCES CHEMICAL ODORS: Reduces 80% of Chemical Odors (VOCs) within 2 hrs with PRO-Cell technology
  • POWERFUL UVC: UVC light reduces bacteria, viruses, mold, & fungi (EPA# 87627-CHN-1)
  • QUIET: Low noise from 22 Decibels (inaudible) – 59 Decibels (refrigerator)

UV Light Sanitizer | UV Sanitizer Box | Sanitizes in Minutes with No Cleaning Required | Touch Screen Control | For The Whole Family
Product Highlights:

  • 😷 UV SANITIZER BOX FOR YOUR WHOLE FAMILY – Large capacity yet compact design – Stylish addition to any home!
  • ⏲️ SANITISES IN JUST 11 MINUTES – Keys, phones, credit cards, work passes are sanitized in just 11 minutes. Convenient drying cycle for baby bottles
  • ❤️ NO CLEANING OR DESCALING – Unlike traditional steam sanitizers which require daily cleaning to prevent limescale and rust forming, ours uses ultraviolet light.
  • 🔌 GO GREEN – Lower power consumption when compared with traditional steam sanitizers, and obviously NO WATER REQUIRED
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 A FAMILY BRAND YOU CAN ALWAYS TRUST – We are a family run business with an obsession that all our customer are left 1000% happy

UV Light Sanitizer Box, UV-C Sterilizer Box, UV Phone Sanitizer Box for Smartphone,Jewellery and Household Items
Product Highlights:

  • 【Pro UV light Sanitizer】: S2 UVC LED Disinfection Box only takes 3mins to clean Mobile phones. Make belongings disinfection as easy as washing your hands. S2 phone sanitizer disinfection quicker and easier, creating a healthy life for everyone. EPA Est. No.95175-CHN-1
  • 【Eliminate Invisible Hazards As Fast】: This UV phone sterilizer box works by emitting ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 260nm-280nm through 8 UV-C LED beads. Compare to the mercury lamp, we have 10000 hours long lifespan and help eliminate 99% of invisible hazards in just 3 minutes.
  • 【Perfect Size to Fit More】: The S2 uv disinfection box cover is not only suitable for mobile phones, but is also compatible with glasses, jewelry, keys, beauty instruments and daily necessities.
  • 【Friendly Design】: If the cover is open while in operation, UV lights will turn off immediately to prevent eye or skin exposure. No radiation, no residue. Besides, there is a reflective glass in the bottom of the box, the glass reflect power when it is working so as to keep items healthy from every angle.
  • 【Certification and Service】: EPA Est. No.95175-CHN-1. If you have any quality or technical enquiries, please contact our friendly customer service team.

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So, these are all of the Best UV Light Sanitizers available on the market. We hope this collection was helpful to find the right UV Light Sanitizer for the money. However, we recommend checking out the features, benefits, and problems of each of these UV Light Sanitizers before taking your decision.