Certain recipes call for very sensitive, low-temperature warming, requiring a gentle simmer for prolonged periods of time. But the definition of “low” varies from one cooktop to another.

The best heat diffuser for tagine is a kitchen tool that evenly distributes the heat from your cooking surface so that your dish cooks without burning. They also keep the pan safe from cracking or warping.

we’ve put together a collection of the best Heat Diffusers that are currently available on the market. To help you find the perfect Heat Diffuser among a wide variety of options, we constantly update our collection with new and trending models.

10 Best Heat Diffusers

Based on dozens of customer reviews and ratings, the followings are the top 10 best-selling Heat Diffusers:

Top Rated Heat Diffuser Reviews

Since we’ve mentioned 10 different models of Heat Diffusers on the above list, it may be difficult for you to find the right one for your needs. This is why we listed the key features of each of these Heat Diffusers below:


HIC Harold Import Co. Heat Diffuser Reducer Flame Guard Simmer Plate, Stainless Steel, 8.25 x 15.75-inches
Product Highlights:

  • HIC’s Heat Diffuser creates a flat cooking surface, reduces and distributes heat evenly, eliminates hot spots in pans, and keeps foods from scorching
  • Made from stainless steel with removable plastic handle for compact storage; won’t scratch surfaces; measures 8.25 x 15.75-inches
  • Absorbs and diffuses heat evenly for greater energy efficiency; eliminates hot pan and pot handles; safe for use on electric, gas, and glass stovetops
  • Slow simmer sauces and other foods without them scorching or boiling over; helps balance smaller pots like butter warmers and espresso makers
  • Durable, lightweight and sturdy; won’t rust; longer stay-cool handle keeps hands safely away from heat; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

CALIDAKA Heat Diffuser 9/11inch Aluminum Induction Diffuser Plate,Reducer Flame Guard Simmer Ring Plate Non-Stick Hob Ring Plate for Gas Stove Glass Cooktop Converter Coffee Milk
Product Highlights:

  • 【Applications】: The induction diffuser plate is 9/11 inch, small size and durable stainless steel induction hob converter is very suitable for small size cookware, such as Moka Pot, Espresso Maker, coffee stovetop, butter heater, tea pot, milk cookware, and other small cooking utensils.
  • 【Material】: The disc of the heat diffuser consists of three layers. The upper and the bottom layers are stainless steel, whereas the middle is aluminum for excellent heat distribution. Suitable for gas stove, electric stove, induction stove etc.
  • 【Function】: The heat diffuser plate distributes the heat evenly, it does a good job spreading the heat out over the entire plate, evenly across the pan or pot without overcooking or burning certain areas, which in return improves the quality of your cooking and most importantly the taste of the food. Especially suitable for long time stewing and simmering.
  • 【Energy Saving And Heat Preservation】: Heat Diffuser for Glass Cooktop can collect heat to keep warm,turn off the fire source in advance, and continue heating through the heat of the heat conducting plate,so that the winter soup will not become cold, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
  • 【Compatible with Most Stoves】: The induction plate adapter is very suitable for induction burner cooker, electric coil burner, electric stove, also for gas stove. Use this plate can through the heat from the stove to the cookware like cast iron enamel ware, copper pot, coffee pot, stainless steel pot, aluminum pot and ceramic pot and any pans. Tips: You’d better not put it on the magnetic oven; Heat the plate before putting the pan or pot on it.

Cooks Innovations SimmerMat Heat Diffuser, Simmer Ring, and Flame Tamer for All Stove Types 1-Pack
Product Highlights:

  • SAFE & EASY – The SimmerMat is a heat diffuser used for low heat settings; providing perfect heat control for slow cooking without the worry and frustration of ruining your culinary creations. Ideal for soups and casseroles, rice and oatmeal, milk desserts and sauces, chutney and melting chocolate and toffee.
  • COOK EVENLY – Hot spots are eliminated so food will not stick, scorch or burn.
  • EASY CLEAN – The SimmerMat is made of Dishwasher safe, high quality zero carbon steel.
  • VERSITILE – The SimmerMat can be used on all cooking surfaces including electric coil, gas burner, glass cook tops, induction cook tops, halogen, barbeque, camping or marine stoves.
  • COMPATIBILITY – If you have an induction stove top, the SimmerMat allows you to cook on a low setting with glass and clay cookware.

Bialetti Stainless Steel Plate, Heat Diffuser Cooking Induction Adapter, Steel
Product Highlights:

  • A practical and versatile tool for the kitchen.
  • Adapter for the use of coffeemakers and cookware on induction hobs.
  • Quality materials: high-gauge steel body for a perfect transmission of heat.
  • Multi-function: suitable for coffee makers up to 6 cups and small cookware.

Cast Iron Heat Diffuser Plate - Flame Reducer – 2 Pack – 2 Sizes Included – 8.25 Inch and 6.75 Inch Heat Diffuser Plates - Flame Guard - Simmer Ring - Heat Tamer
Product Highlights:

  • No More Scorched Food And Pans – Disperse Heat and Avoid Direct Contact From Burner With Diffuser Plates From Aunt Shannon’s Kitchen
  • 2 Cast Iron Heat Diffuser Plates Included – Size Large – 8.25” Diameter – Size Small – 6.75” Diameter – Black Enamel Coating – Includes 2 Stainless Steel Removeable Handles
  • Keeps Pots and Pans Looking Clean – Eliminates Hot Spots In Pans – Makes Simmering Sauces Easy – Avoids Scorching and Boiling Over
  • For Gas And Electric Stoves – NOT for Induction Stoves
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- If for Any Reason You Are Not Completely Satisfied with Our Heat Diffuser Plates, We Will Give You a Full Refund

Norpro Heat Diffuser
Product Highlights:

  • Prevents scorching, burning and boil overs.
  • Can be used on electric or gas stovetops. This flat, metal stovetop tool distributes heat evenly and automatically lowers the flame setting. This comes in handy particularly when cooking heat-sensitive items like rice, oatmeal, milk, gravy and braises. Also ideal when melting caramel and chocolate!
  • The perforations work to distribute the intensity of the heat directly hitting the bottom of the pan, so the chance of burning is virtually eliminated.
  • Protects glass and porcelain from overheating and cracking.
  • Features a wooden handle so you can move it without the risk of burning yourself, and equipped with a leather hang band so it can be hung alongside your stove for easy access.

Nordic Ware 8 Inch Heat Tamer and Burner Plate
Product Highlights:

  • Made of aluminized steel
  • Creates flat cooking surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Made in the USA
  • Not for use on ceramic or glass top stoves

The Heat Equalizer Heat Diffuser for Gas Stove & Electric Stove - Aluminum & Copper Alloy, Hot Plate & Stove Burner Cover, Ring Plate Cover
Product Highlights:

  • The Heat Equalizer is made from Alloy of Aluminum and Copper alloy making it the best for heat conductor and distribution on the market. The Heat Equalizer distributes the heat evenly across the entire cooking surface. It is 8 inch in diameter and 3/8 of an inch thick (10mm thick), it Saves a lot of energy and Prevents Hot Spots normally in the center of the pot. Pots and Pans stay looking like new. No more scorching your pots & pans. It is used as Heat Diffuser for Glass Cooktop.
  • The Heat Equalizer intended use is for Gas and Electric Stoves–You could not use it on Induction Stoves. Turn any pot or pan you own into a high-end expensive pan with the Heat Equalizer. It is especially suitable for a long simmer and stewing. You no longer need to stir the pot it is cooked evenly across the whole surface. The Heat Equalizer plate is easy to store and very efficient when in use, it will extend the life of your cookware for many years to come
  • It does a good job spreading the heat out over the entire cooking surface evenly with all pots or pans, without overcooking or burning certain areas, which in return improves the quality of your cooking and cuts on cooking time. It is especially suitable for a long stew cooking. It saves a lot of energy-saving energy is environmentally friendly. Heat Diffuser for Electric Stove are very popular, They also calls them ring plate cover. The most popular are the Gas Heat Diffuser
  • The Heat Equalizer Stove Diffuser plate allows you to cook with less energy and heat. The Biggest savings comes from directing 100% of the heat to the pot and not warming up the surrounding house as much when cooking. Average size flame on a stove is 36000 BTU, That’s for one burner. Just to cool off the heat that one burner creates you need a 3.5 ton air conditioner in your house, so it is substantial energy-saving and comfort around the whole house. Flame protector/simmer Ring – heat tamer
  • The Heat Equalizer It is very environmentally friendly. You could also use the Heat Equalizer as a defrost surface for frozen meat. It does a great job defrosting anything and everything.100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If for Any Reason You Are Not Completely Satisfied with Our Heat Equalizer Plate you have 30 days no questions asked return policy. We Will Give You a Full Refund. We rarely get one back.

11'Heat Diffuser Plates Aluminum Defrosting Tray Fast Thawing Plate for Frozen Food,Heat Diffuser for Gas Stovetop Energy Saving Heat Conducting Plate ForQuick Thawing Frozen Meat
Product Highlights:

  • 【Multifunctional Plate】Heat Diffuser creates a flat cooking surface, and reduces and distributes heat evenly. It can eliminat e hot spots in pans and keep foods from scorching.Defrosting tray can accelerate the thawing process for fast defrosting, keeping food fresher, and saving much time.
  • 【Save Energy】- The stove diffuser can put small utensils on the stove to heat up, gather energy to keep warm, save energy and reduce emissions, turn off the fire in advance, and the residual temperature of the heat conduction plate can continue to heat,bringing more to your life Convenient.
  • 【Protects Pot】- The heat diffuser for gas stovetop protects the pot body from burning black, so that your pots will last as long as new, not ugly, not difficult to clean.
  • 【Convenience and Safety】 – The plate can effectively block the spilled soup from flowing into the furnace, avoid the problems of cleaning the furnace and causing fire, and is convenient and safe.
  • 【NON-slip】 -NON-slip texture design, double-sided protective pot,non-slip.Anodized aluminum reinforced coating + aviation aluminum material, thickened design.

Product Highlights:

  • Cast Ductile Iron
  • Stove-Top Heat Diffusing
  • Best Thermal Heat Distribution

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So, these are all of the Best Heat Diffusers available on the market. We hope this collection was helpful to find the right Heat Diffuser for the money. However, we recommend checking out the features, benefits, and problems of each of these Heat Diffusers before taking your decision.