Thoughts and Reflections on Life…

A thought from Fathers Day Weekend: Each of us has, or should have a list of the things we want to see happen in and through our lives.  The first is a list of things we want to experience and receive.  The second is a list of things we want to do.  Goals are important but be open to God changing your list or altering your time table.

For instance when I was getting out of college I had a goal of being worth 1 million dollars before I was 30.  It didn’t happen.  The problem was that there was no way to make that kind of money working only as an Engineer in Kansas City.  Then when I prayed I didn’t feel that God was telling me to change jobs or start a business on the side.  Bottom line, my goal wasn’t his goal for me.

What did happen in those 8 years is that I became stronger in my faith and character.  This has helped me to be a better husband and father which are way more valuable to me than a million dollars. God knew this and so he changed my priorities.  My life has been far richer for it.

Have a blessed week.

Pastor Reece

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