Leaders, Are You Jerky Enough?

We all want to be liked, accepted and our faults and failures tolerated.  But the teachers, coaches, and mentors who made the most difference in our lives were probably not the ones who were the most tolerant.  They were the ones who challenged us and believed that we had more in us than we were comfortably willing to give. They pushed us and didn’t accept our second best.  Sometimes such people can seem more Jerk than Jesus.

But the Holy Spirit ministers to us the same way. He knows the greatness in us will only manifest if we’re willing to let him push us beyond our comfort zones.  So my question is this, are you willing push yourself and those who look to you for leadership even if it means people might not like you as much? Are you willing to be Christ-like when being Christ-like means that we confront and correct?

Just something to think about.  Blessings and I’ll see you Sunday!

Pastor Reece