Del Hierro, Jude & Cindy

Confluence Ministries

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Main Mission Work:
We connect diverse people, organizations and resources in impacting our local and global communities with a transforming love, through mercy missions and empowerment solutions.  We partner with individuals, churches, schools and mission organizations to provide an innovative environment that encourages practical learning, growth and transformation.

Goal of Ministry:
To be a catalyst bringing people together in reaching beyond their walls
To serve as God’s visible, relevant and practical expression of love and compassion to others.

Target Area:

Your support for this ministry is greatly appreciated. Give a one time gift or support this ministry long term.

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[one_third]Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that the Lord send laborer into this great harvest.

Contact Information:
Confluence Ministries           
1400 Quitman St
Denver, CO 80204