Mzezewa-Zhou, Davison & Yana

Vision Trust Zimbabwe

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Main Mission Work:
Transforming children and youth to live for God and love others through spiritual discipleship, health advancement, and educational development.

Goal of Ministry:
To serve children in the context of their communities to become leaders who will transform their neighborhoods and communities.

Target Country:

Your support for this ministry is greatly appreciated. Give a one time gift or support this ministry long term.

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[one_third]Prayer Requests:

  • Partners to support and pray for the establishment of learning centers throughout the country where children can be served
  • That we can appeal to more people to sponsor children both locally and externally
  • Anointing for transforming the orphans and vulnerable children into future leaders who live for God and love others

Contact Information:
Vision Trust International
PO Box 50524
Colorado Springs, CO 80949