Boier, Cristina

Cristina Boier

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Main Mission Work:
Helping spread the Gospel through television by translating TV programs for Alfa Omega Television. Helping churches with translation at conferences and ministry related events.

Goal of Ministry:
To help “get the Word out” so that as many people as possible may hear and understand Him. Evangelism through media.

Target Country:

Your support for this ministry is greatly appreciated. Give a one time gift or support this ministry long term.

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[one_third]Prayer Requests:

  • Wisdom and accuracy in translation
  • Wisdom and  boldness in sharing the Gospel in word and deed with people whenever I travel through different parts of Romania
  • Spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial and material protection
  • Salvation for my own family
  • Increase in ministry partners and financial support


Contact Information:

Cristina Boier
c/o Crucita Perryman
3563 E. Arborvitae Court
Boise, ID 83716