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I broke my left foot, and my son who is 4 
told me that in 4 days or one week, I would not have my crutches anymore…
AND in a week I went to a soft cast on my foot! Praise the Lord!!Kristin

Want to share an amazing news and a fear:

AMAZING: After 3 months of pressing in, asking to be baptized by the Holy Spirit, it finally happened last night after the service!!! I’m glad I stood up when Marilyn asked who hasn’t been filled by the Spirit yet, and Pastor Reece you brought me out of the pew. Dean and Carol volunteered to lay hands on me, after learning I’ve wanted this badly, asked for it almost daily, and have had various pastors and prayer warriors laid hands on me. I knew the steps, but didn’t know what it’s suppose to feel like. When it happened, I was overwhelmed by His love, followed by a heart stopping tear fest…seriously thought I was going to pass out! I continued to pray in tongue on the drive home, and then at home for an hour, I didn’t want to forget that feeling!

FEAR: When I got home, I have to admit a seed of doubt was in my mind that may be I’m just making up my heavenly language, that it wasn’t real, as the whole process is still surreal to me. I know that’s the enemy speaking, I know I’ve rationalized the process way too much before and have rebuked the spirit of fear, doubt, disbelief. Carol encouraged me to press on and let God deal with the crazy thoughts in my head.

Thank you!!!Ellen

Hi Pastor Reece and Sarah,
I just wanted to let you know about my 13 year old granddaughter Caylee. When we first moved here she came with me to church and she was 3 at the time. In October of last year, we found out she had a very fast growing cancer. it was a form of Hodgkin lymphoma. In a matter of months the tumor in her neck went from a marble size to the size of a soft ball. Caylee was in the hospital from oct. 15th to nov. 7. Caylee had 4 rounds of chemo, and 2 rounds of radiation. I found out a couple of weeks ago, Caylee is now cancer free. The make a wish foundation is sending her family to Hawaii for a week all expenses paid. Caylee was also able to maintain her grades, (A’s and B’s) and will be going in to 9 grade in sept. For Caylee the best part is, she is so good in math that she will taking high school algebra, and get high school credit. And to top it all off, Caylee was interviewed for Extreme Makeover Home Edition so they may get a new house as well. I love to see how the Lord turns thing around. The Lord kept telling me Ps.91, that HE is holding her in the palm of his hand and will not let her go. I had peace through the whole thing, I also had many people praying for Caylee. I already told our prayer team the good news. The Lord went so far above just healing her, HE gave wonderful gifts as well.

A couple of months ago Pastor Marilyn encouraged us to step out in faith and believe that God will provide for us. We were getting ready to move here and close on our house and knew then that we were going to have to buy a car. Dianne and I know that it is not God’s will for us to be in debt so we sowed a seed then believing that He was going to provide a way for us to get out of debt soon both for the car and the house.
We have been searching with much prayer for the car that God had for us for the past several weeks. We literally made the decision on Wednesday night right before church on the vehicle that we were to buy. Our thinking before church was that we would have to finance about half the value of the car. During the message Wednesday and God speaking through you we saw that we were acting out of fear and not faith. I say this because God had provided the money for us to buy the car outright without going into debt. He actually had provided much more than what we needed, but we were concerned that we should hold onto the money just in case something bad happened. This went against the seed we had sown in faith as well as everything that we have learned about walking in faith. Dianne and I both knew after Wednesday that God had answered our prayers and honored the seed that we had sown. So today we bought the car (a used Honda Pilot) for cash with no fear.
I want to thank you, Pastor Sarah, and Pastor Marilyn for allowing God to move so mightily through you.


During a Sunday am service  I was healed of a case of Scoliosis that has affected me since I was born. I have doubted my faith for a while but will no longer doubt it. This is coming from a man that has dealt with ADD, OCD, Epilepsy, Tourette syndrome, Depression, and other neurological disorders for the past 25+ years.
I was having a prayer circle after service with my Mother and two of her church friends. We were praying on me and during the prayer I felt my left leg actually grow to even up with my right leg. I didn’t know what was going on until I went into the restroom and looked into the mirror and saw a straight back. I consider this a re-affirmation of faith and will never be in doubt of Jesus’ healing power again.
I haven’t been comfortable with prayer all the time, but this is going to change. I will no longer hold back on my prayer and be self-conscious of what people think. This changes a lot of opinions that I have had and will no longer group myself in with the casual Christians. I am on fire and will hopefully remain that way for a long time. I will volunteer to pray with people if they want to pray with me.

You asked us one day to sow seed in November to have a great December. Well, it worked wonders for us. My husband and I sowed what many would consider a modest amount, but in November it was 3.5% of our business income. In December, our business income was more than 3 times our November business income. And at the end of the month, we even received a deposit from one of our clients because they have more work for us to do for them.
God is so good! I wanted to share this with you because God caused me to remember the seed that we sowed in expectation.
I’m looking forward to a FANTASTIC coming new year!

I just wanted to let you know of the miracle that occurred during your service, Sunday April 11th. Sarah was leading a prayer in healing. I raised my hand as I was facing biopsy of two large masses in my throat. The gentleman behind me placed his hand on my shoulder and joined in prayer. Halfway through i was knocked down to my seat and received a divine intervention. I was touched by the holy spirit and received healing. Shortly after, I noticed that my throat felt different. I reached up and felt around my neck. Both masses were gone, not shrunk but gone. Praise Jesus. I just thought i would let you know. I was scheduled for a biopsy this coming week.
Kathy Ekdahl