Character and Prosperity

When teaching the Bible it’s important to balance the need for us all to conform to Christ and become better examples, witnesses and servants, with the reality of God’s love for us, his generous blessings, and our righteousness that comes 100% from his grace.   God desires both to see us grow in our maturity and character and He promises to bless and prosper us. Both are expressions of his love for us.  They are not mutually exclusive.  Any good parent wants to see their children mature and prosper in every way and they want to help their children succeed.  God is no different. 

So expect good things from your heavenly father.  He loves to give them to you.  But don’t be surprised when He challenges you to grow in your faith, compassion, mercy, and selflessness as well. 


Have a great weekend and well see you on Sunday. 


Pastor Reece