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We Have A New Home!

This is your one stop place for updates on all things concerning our new facility.  Please click the tabs below for specific information.


Dear Church Family,

In February, 2017 we were pleased to announce the sale of our current building on Orchard Road and the purchase of our new facility only 1.5 miles away and just south of Arapahoe Road at the intersection of Galena and Costilla in Centennial.  We are excited to begin this new chapter in our 57 year history!

Our present facility has been a tremendous blessing for over 27 years as headquarters for Marilyn Hickey Ministries, ORCC and Saving Moses.  From this location, we have impacted for Christ millions of people locally and around the world.  Our new campus will better meet our current and future requirements as we continue this vital mission.

When we move, our 51,000 square foot facility will include newly renovated spaces for worship, children’s and youth ministries, classrooms, gathering spaces for socializing, a community room/kitchen for larger meetings and events, offices and television production facilities.  The new site also has vacant land with which to expand up to an additional 20,000 square feet as we grow.  Our new campus will provide wonderful opportunities to revitalize and expand our mission to the Denver community and worldwide for years to come.  Mark 16:15 And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.

We anticipate holding our first services at the Galena location this Fall, 2017.  We look forward to communicating our progress through frequent updates to this web page, as well as in a variety of other ways in the months ahead.  This is an exciting new chapter in our story and we’re expecting miracles, divine appointments, and open doors!


Reece and Sarah Bowing

Lead Pastors




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Check out this section in the days and months to come to find out “What’s Happening Now?” 

You will find progress reports, timelines, and exciting up-to-date news of the transition to our new home.

An exciting process has begun that will prepare us to move into our new church home.  The specific dates and times will fluctuate but a general time table would include the following:

1 – 2 months: Initial design process and the submission of plans to the City of Centennial for approval

2 – 8 months: Remodeling and reconstruction of the Galena facility

8 – 9 months: Moving of offices

By the end of 9 months: Moving to the new Worship Auditorium as we can begin to have worship services at our new church home

You have unique God-given gifts and talents. In matthew 25, Jesus encourages us not to bury our talents but to use them for the glory of God. We want to partner with you as you exercise your abilities, gifts and talents…and fulfill your destiny.

Stay tuned for more info.


Here are questions and answers about new church family home:

Q & A:  What’s happening now at our new location – have the renovations begun?

Our architects have nearly completed design specifications necessary to submit our plans to the City of Centennial. Their approval is required in order to secure building permits and begin renovations.  The City’s approval is expected in 4 – 6 weeks after submittal.

In the meantime, details of design drawings needed for sub-contractors to begin their work are also moving forward, and some pre-construction demolition and work not requiring building permits have begun.  Before long, we will share our architect’s sketches with the congregation which will help us all to visualize how initial phases of renovation will look once completed.  It’s getting exciting!


Q & A:  After almost 30 years at our Orchard Road location, what are Pastor Marilyn’s thoughts about relocating?

“I am very excited about the move!  God led us to Orchard Road supernaturally.  It has been a blessing, and we reached millions around the world from there.  But God moves us on, and we will touch millions more from our new location.    I appreciate Pastor Reece’s leadings from God that have led us to a building that is a better size with flexible space, room to grow and is more economical to operate – this will help us to reach and minister to more people.   I like change – change brings new opportunities!”


Q&A:  Why was the Galena location chosen as our future campus?

The leadership team prayed and sought God’s will about what to look for in a new location.  The criteria they decided upon were:   a site as close to our current location as possible; near and accessible to I-25; visible and accessible from other major arterials; 5+ acres; a building which is “right-sized” to our current needs, but with room (or vacant land) to expand; a building which is attractive and in good condition; a building with a layout which that can be modified with relative ease to meet our immediate needs, avoiding the inconvenience of a temporary location; renovation costs in an acceptable range, fundable from the sale of our current building without going into debt.

The future campus team evaluated dozens and dozens of locations and during the search process, including vacant land and sites with buildings.  The Galena location was found later in the search. The timing and manner of its discovery evidenced the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Upon evaluation, the Galena site was, by far, the closest match to our criteria.


Q&A:  Since our new building is not as large as our Orchard Road property, what happens to all the “stuff” we can’t take with us?  What if I have an interest in an item?

We will take selected furnishings and equipment (e.g. sound/lighting) with us.  Some items will be sold; some donated to other churches or organizations.  It is possible that there will be items offered to the congregation or community at large, but it is too early to know that as yet.  We will re-address this question when the time is right.


Q&A:  Why is it necessary to relocate the church and ministry?

Our church began over 57 years ago with 25 people in a tiny storefront building on Hampden.  From there, the church grew and moved on as needs changed.  Orchard Road is our fifth location.  God led us to this place, and He did it supernaturally.  We have been here for 27 years – almost half of the church’s life.  This has been a blessed place, an amazing place from which millions – in this community and worldwide – have been reached for Christ.   But much has changed in the nearly three decades since we moved here.   In a nutshell, we are relocating to have a facility better suited to our current and future needs to be able to operate with greater efficiency, so that more funds can be focused on people (ministry and outreach), rather than our building. 


Q&A:  Tell me more about that – what’s changed and why will a new location serve us better?

There are 3 primary reasons, all having to do with economics and societal changes:

  • More space than we now need –  When we moved here, we had a K-12 school, a Bible College with dormitories, and a large, “mega”-sized sanctuary.   These uses require a vast amount of space.  Over the years, the schools were phased out to pursue other forms of    Contemporary churches of our size nowadays are discovering that people are more attracted to smaller, more intimate sanctuaries and gathering spaces.  Society and lifestyles have changed and continue to change.  Our methods to reach people must evolve as well.
  • Ministry operations have changed – 30 years ago, churches and ministries tended to hire staff to do everything in-house.  Thus, we had a large staff and office space.  This has changed dramatically with the advancement of technology and “out-sourcing.”  Many roles we used to perform ourselves (e.g. warehousing and shipping of Marilyn’s teaching materials) are now contracted out to specialty firms which can do the job far more economically.  This has further reduced our need for space.
  • An aging facility in need of costly repairs – This property is 260,00 square feet and is very costly to clean and maintain.  It is also over 30 years old, and many of its original systems life (e.g. heating/air conditioning, roof, concrete and parking structure) have exceeded their useful life.  Restoration and repairs would cost millions, as would ongoing maintenance.

It is time to move on to a newer building which is “right-sized” and better-suited to the church’s future vision and space requirements.

Stay tuned for additional answers to questions.

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