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Leaders, Are You Jerky Enough?

We all want to be liked, accepted and our faults and failures tolerated.  But the teachers, coaches, and mentors who made the most difference in our lives were probably not the ones who were the most tolerant.  They were the ones who challenged us and believed that we had more in us than we were […]

Aha Moments

Wednesday night Sarah was preaching out of the book of Acts and I had an “Aha” moment.  No I’m not talking about the 80’s pop band with a similar name.  Although given Sarah’s musical tastes that was a possibility. I’m talking about a moment when the Holy Spirit shows you something in scripture you’ve never […]

Character and Prosperity

When teaching the Bible it’s important to balance the need for us all to conform to Christ and become better examples, witnesses and servants, with the reality of God’s love for us, his generous blessings, and our righteousness that comes 100% from his grace.   God desires both to see us grow in our maturity and […]

Grace and the power to do what needs to be done

Leaders, When you’re reading the bible the word grace means different things in different contexts. It refers to God’s decision to see us as righteous because of our faith in Christ alone, but it also refers to a special anointing or empowerment to do something or to be something. There is a grace to be […]

Celebrating Dependence

Leaders, This weekend we celebrate our birth as an independent nation. Our physical, cultural, and economic differences from England caused our forefathers to separate and become their own nation.  Had we not done so history over the last 240 years would read very differently.  Our independence was a good thing.  But independence is not always […]