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September Sermon Series

Step Up, Step Out, Be Bold and Join us for our new sermon series called Daring Faith! Daring Faith requires taking risks. It requires the courage to step up and face the giants; the brave the unknown. Let's say "yes" to being brave and going where God has called us. Let's say "yes" to making history and changing lives. Let's say "yes" to bold and Daring Faith!

Daring Faith Group Studies

I want to challenge you today to put your faith in action and get involved with our new small group series, “Daring Faith” starting on September 13th. As a church, I believe God is calling us to live extraordinary lives of faith and this series will give us the courage we need to do just that. Let’s step up, step out and be bold in our faith! -- Pastor Reece To find a group near you, click on the link below

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Food Bank--Operation Canned Veggies

All month long we are accepting cans of vegetables for the Food Bank. Please drop off all cans at the info center. Food Bank hours are every Sunday from 10:30a-112:30p.

New Group for Young Adults

Come & connect with a family of people who want to discover what it means to have God as their great "I AM."

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“Young Adults” is the ministry that Orchard Road Christian Center provides to help meet the needs of those in their 20s and 30s.

Our goal is to help you first and foremost know Christ and grow in your walk with Him. We’re about experiencing and putting action to our faith. We also believe that actively engaging with the Holy Spirit helps you stay strong in your walk, and experience God in fresh and ever deepening ways!

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